Helping Veterans With One Drop Of Ink At A Time

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Dr. Gabe Crenshaw  was my inspiration for BWI. I was in the process of  putting my mothering a hospice hospital because of cancer, I was living in a tattoo shop. I was dealing with a losing  my left leg , learning how to walk,  and watching my mother suffer in pain while diving. I began to wonder while all this going on I still had a positive attitude and a lear mind. I started to think on how I cold help other veterans and active duty with the same if not similar issues. So I thought what better way than a non-profit organization . This would get the community involved  and show  the brother hood is still here. A vet to vet conversation has a very big impaction the vets mind. During these conversations we find that meaningful image. Thats where we include the tattoo shop. They give their expertise on bringing the tattoo to life. While the alien is being tattooed there are endorphins released from the brain and make the body fell the end we both experience a outstanding positive moment and the vet or active duty member , has a moment that will make them smile and have an overcoming experience of a life time. We are a combination of veterans and cilivans ( Freedom fighters ) that understands what this program can do for you. We love and love hard. Lets Tattoo peace on to the world.

These are some of the tattoos that we as gave permission to use to show others what is real. These brave men and women was able to over come and face what held them back. They over came the things that wall and tore it down to nothing more of tears of joy.

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Our Mission is Simple

We want to make a difference.

That takes a real-world approach. It takes action. We use tattoo therapy to cope and tell the story and release for all time. 

BWI is able to work in any state and us city. We ask that everyone in the community to spread the word about BWI and tattoo therapy. One of our goals is to have a BWI recommended tattoo shop in each state by the end of 2017

​​Branded Warriors Ink (BWI) is a non-profit organization founded by Veterans for Veterans  and active duty coping with the many wounds of war, such as, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Branded Warriors INC supports tattoo therapy​. We come from a diverse families and how we are raised. Thesis one thing that we all have in common and makes us family. The heart and the passion to help others.

​We want the people affected by our efforts to notice real improvements and tattoo therpies


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