Helping Veterans With One Drop Of Ink At A Time

Our Board Members

​​​Erin Dayby -  Executive Director   

Erin Darby is born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is the daughter of a Navy Veteran. Erin is married to Thomas Darby, an Army Veteran. They enjoy Cub Scouts and Lacrosse with their kids. Erin has a passion for Tattoo Therapy and finding connection with strangers.

704-288-6127 -- bwitattoos

Amber Holobaugh - Managing Director 

Nicklaus - PR Director

Shay Walters -  Vice  President 

​I was born in Newport News Va in May of 1987 , I Lets see where to start. Im in the Army. Im living in High Point Nc. I was married in June 2013 to my my wife Jennifer and have to awesome kids  I enjoy the beach, and any type of water sport. Wake Boarding, Skiing, Knee boarding and tubing. I love baseball and football. And Also Nascar!!!!  I love doing enactments of the Civil War, I'm with the 28th Nc Troops Companies B, C, i< and F. I have been working on this and exploring the battle fields for 2.5 years now.  I was in the Infantry  in the US. Army and love where i have com from some who better way to explore our history. I have started out as the Event / Fundraising Director for BWI and was recently voted in as the New VP.  My knowledge of military history and my career i will bring to the table. As well as the family as well as operations director experience form another 501C.

Tasha Koehler - Secretary

My name is Tasha Koehler I’m a boy scout mother I’ve helped out in many community events and have many family members in the military. I love helping people who are in need. This is a passion of mine and a honor to be apart of BWI.

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​James Stoltie /Administrative Marketing Director

I've recently just became a member of BWI while helping out another veteran based company out at Harley Davidson of Greenville. I drive a Dodge Ram 3500 lifted Dually that has a Zombie Wrap on it because i enjoy the walking dead show. Named the truck the Zombie Annihilator and help out local businesses, charities, and other non profits. trucks been in numerous shows and won many trophies. also has been on the news a few times and in some magazine's. 


IG @zombieannihilator FB Zombie Annihilator/JAMES STOLTIE

Twitter @zombieannihiltr

PHONE:  864-567-9515

I served 4 years in the United States Navy. I was a 3rd Class Petty Officer (IC3) serving onboard the USS George Washington (CVN-73) in Norfolk, VA as well as Yokosuka, Japan. Having overcome my PTSD, my sole purpose is to share my story with any and all who will listen in an attempt to help, and save, as many of our brothers and sisters as possible. It is an honor and absolute pleasure being a part of this organization.

All of us at BWI are Family, The word it self means a lot. This is one of things we base our work ethics on. Everyone we talk to where it be a company, veteran, active duty, or each other. We believe and have seen the work that BWI has done and the way its changed peoples life. It's not just a tattoo, There is true meaning and a story being told. We hole everyone close to out hearts and will forever be just plain American. To the veterans and the freedoms fighters we stand strong and want to fill the world with peace, love and tattoos.

I served in the United States Army for 4 years. I was stationed at Ft Lewis, Wa. I have a passion for helping people in need and am truly honored to be apart of this amazing organization. This organization has helped me out in so many ways and I am just here to do the same for others.   I am now the Managing Director and love the passion the mission we  have.

Brian Conwell - Founder /  President

Brian Conwell the CEO and founder of BWI. Brian was born in 1980 in Greenville, SC. Raised by his grandparents until he was 12. 
His grandpa was in the Navy for 22 years. He was apart of Vietnam and he was a welding instructor. Brian joined the army in 2006. The army was a life long dream. He has been stationed in Germany and deployed to Iraq in 2008. He was a generator mechanic and gunner. He has also been station in VA KS and Texas On January 6 2014 he was in a wreck on Fort Riley on his way to work hit black ice and wrecked his truck. Brian lost his left leg above the knee and the right has 30 screws 4 plates and a 10 in rod. He was in the hospital for 10 1/2 months.  Brain spent time in Texas Fort Sam to recover. He cannot walk with out crutches however that doesn't stop him from getting around and taking care of his family. He loves life and his 3 kids. He has a big heart for veterans. Brian has many tattoos that are military related. His tattoo journey has helped heal his soul. That is when the making of BWI started. With the help of his brother Bo and brother Stacy. Brian and Stacy served and bunked together in Iraq. 

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Otto Koehler - Treasure

Hello my name is Otto Koehler I've been helping people for many years from helping local law enforcement agencies doing community watch programs also I've been a assistant scout master with boy scouts of America I have many veterans in my family and I love helping others when I can it's a great thing to help someone in need.

Phone: 847-744-4334