Helping Veterans With One Drop Of Ink At A Time

 A Pane in the Glass is a unique small business that takes artistic creativity to another level. Jessica Creech, owner/creator of A Pane in the Glass is not your typical artist and chooses to use glass in the place of canvas. Her deeply rooted support for our armed forces also manifests itself throughout her artwork. Each piece is custom ordered, hand painted and truly one of a kind.

A Warriors Mind

​This organization is one of the best to get a veteran help quick. Take a look and see the inspiring words.

Sponsors of BWI

Hotels Helping Heroes is a GR8 company to use to reserve a hotel for a few days, Veterans! 

All they ask in return is for you to take picture(s) and promote the hotel on your social media, blogging, website, podcast plugs, radio, YELP and/or TRIPADVISOR. 

Pretty simple to do - and that is a great trade for a great reduction in price for your room. Promotions must be professional,and turned in to the sponsor within 3 to 5 business stays of your stay. Once your hotel is reserved, you will receive additional information.

Check them out here:  www.hotelshelpingheroes.comType your paragraph here.



 All Vets Advocate End the 22 Now, we are committed to combining all efforts of veteran service advocacy.  Here in the site, you will find an ever growing list of veteran pages and advocates of veteran service. The main goal is to grow support of the cause of veteran issues from: Suicide, employment, health care, special circumstance, family advocacy, and any myriad of veteran help problems. We wish to be an overall Advocate. We are not setting any groups aside as long as they are veteran based services, to include but not limited to: Therapy dogs, to help with bills, and/or to just being an ear when needed.

    We will also advocate veteran owned businesses, who are known for advocating the help of veterans and contribute in any way to the help for many of the groups that help.  We will not tolerate the bashing of any kind towards any member group; we wish to compile a growing community that will work together and advocate towards the main goal and mission, VETERAN help. We lose too many of our brothers and sisters to the demons inside that have become too much to deal with; resulting from the growing stresses of life and triggered memories. If we can work together to steer them from falling to the demons; THAT is the mission.

    If you see that this page is missing any groups or foundations of any sort that you feel help veterans of which I have not linked or listed, please let me know and I will add it as soon as possible. If you know of any little known helpful government or other agencies programs let me know and I will add them as well. I can toss out numbers, of course, for all of the different issues we as veterans are falling victim to but, that is not the point. As several good friends and fellow advocates have put it: “ONE is too many!” There should be no reason we let them fall through the cracks, here at home, when they made it back here in the first place!

    REMEMBER THIS IS FOR ALL VETS ADVOCATE TO END THE 22 NOW.  Any and all stresses in a veterans life can contribute to the decision to end it. So, we are gearing to advocate all issues to steer even just ONE from falling.


Sponsors These are other veteran ran organizations that helps veterans like us and we are to help you any time any where .


Veteran Outdoors looks to establish itself competitively as a unique retail environment through its product offering, the scope and level of services it provides, and the expertise of its employees.

A Warriors Mind